I meant to post about the Inauguration while I was there. It got so busy there wasn’t time. Thanks to one of our fellow veterans, Joe Episcopo (pictured above in the VFW hat), I was able to go. Joe got the ticket approval and set up the room. We went down to D.C. on Wednesday because we had several interviews lined up.

On Tuesday, 17 Jan, People’s TV sent a crew of 4 to my house and spent around 8 hours filming and interviewing. They shadowed me for several days ending on Saturday at the Women’s March. All this will boil down to a 2 or 3 minute segment. People’s TV videoed Joe and me picking up the tickets from Joe’s Congressman’s office on Thursday. Later Ryder Haske took us to the NuVegan Cafe in D.C. I have to say as a meat eater I was impressed. If you get to D.C. I highly recommend trying it.

The BBC showed up Thursday evening at our hotel for an interview by Nuala McGovern from Ireland. Joe and I ran into another BBC reporter on Inauguration Day and did another quick impromptu interview. The Military Times tried to catch up with us at the Inauguration but failed. Cell phones did not work very well and security would not let them through to my location. That was greatly disappointing.

People’s TV was not allowed to bring their camera (pictured above) into our area at the Inauguration. We caught up with them 5 hours after the swearing in. It took that long to try and go several blocks. I would hate to think how long it would have taken if there were more people. I mean WOW, it was a huge crowd from my perspective but I could not see any further than my immediate area. Here is an interesting link about crowd size – check out this web link. I am guessing the picture you are seeing with a smaller crowd size was taken earlier in the day. Just a guess.

We were really blessed with the weather. It was not too cold and the rain was more of a mist or spritz and only lasted a couple minutes. Veterans were scattered through the crowd. I must have talked to dozens of people and a significant percentage were veterans. I met a woman from Cuba who was anxious to tell me how happy she was to see President Trump’s Inauguration. She was quick to remind me that most Americans of Cuban descent were conservative and how living in an oppressive Communist regime would change most American’s minds about Socialism.

Saturday I was starting to come down with a cold or flu. However, the guys from People’s Television were able to persuade me to go with them to the Women’s March to meet up with Charlotte, a fellow veteran. Charlotte was a Bernie supporter. I instantly connected with her because of our military service and love of country. Later that day we went back to People’s TV office for a follow-up discussion. Even though Charlotte has an opposing political point of view she is now someone I consider a friend. More on that to come.

It is hard to believe that all the work People’s Television did will come down to a couple minutes of video. I was told they would send me some behind the scenes footage. When I get it I’ll release some of it. Between People’s Television, the BBC and other interviews throughout the process I learned a lot. I plan to share more of that over the next days and weeks. Standby for updates.

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