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To whom it may concern:

Mainstream media has created a cult of vanity, violence and selfishness. Our society is now run by individuals who only care about their looks and their self enrichment. Our youth is forgotten into gangs, mediocre education and television programming. Not to mention the deficient nutrition that you get from being broke, depressed  and fast food places.

We need to focus on the real issues. Stop being so passionate about professional sports,  and invest that energy in improving your relationships with your loved ones at home, specially the relationship with your self. Improve your state of mind by being organized, clean and aware of our your financial condition. Improve your knowledge in your economy well being. Improve your credit, improve your health and feed your mind with positive thoughts. Remember you have been under the spell of the mainstream media since you are a kid. Be aware of this first. Stop watching tv on the couch with a six pack and a bag or Doritos.

It is time to shake off the old skin of deception and submission. America is on your side. I am on your side. Wake up and take action!





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