Today I logged into Facebook. An old military friend posted an interesting thought that caught my eye. Here it is:

I don’t understand these bombings in Austin. Isn’t it illegal to use a bomb to kill people? And most importantly, there’s no constitutional right to own a bomb. So since we as a society have made using bombs to kill people illegal as well as completely uncool, what rational person would think they can use a bomb to kill people? We need a new law! 🙂

In light of all the school shootings and now bombings in Texas he makes a good point. Why not just ban bombs and make all areas bomb-free zones. That will fix it! It just goes to show the absurdity of the argument against guns.

In my humble opinion, the only thing that deters criminals is punishment. There is little we can do about the mentally unstable apart from early detection and evaluation. Rather than seeking to re-examine the second amendment right to keep and bear arms maybe we need to re-examine the eighth amendment views of cruel and unusual punishment. There was a time not long ago a public hanging was NOT considered cruel and unusual. Hanging is still legal in Washington and New Hampshire. Maybe the public part should be brought back and reserved for these types of crimes. Just a thought that might help deter some people. What are your thoughts?

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