It seems like every country in the world wants to interview Vets for Trump except America. The funny thing is we are blocking all countries except the U.S. from viewing this website. That is for security reasons. Things that make you go hmmm.

Saturday I interviewed with Channel 4 out of the UK along with a fellow veteran Joe Foust. I met Joe for the first time at the interview. He was referred by a good friend Doug Lengenfelder, the former head of GOPVets for Pennsylvania. Joe is quite the impressive young man. He taught Strategic Communications and Public Speaking at West Point and is medically retired after serving in Iraq.

Every time I do an interview I end up wanting to know more about the people doing the interviewing. In this case, the interviewer was someone with an interesting career and life story. Abi Austen is a UK Veteran with quite a unique story. She is also the author of Lord Roberts Valet. Scroll to the bottom of the website link above to read an extract. When I did, memories of the First Gulf War flooded back into my mind. I immediately identified with what she was saying. Maybe you have a few “oh shit” moments of your own. That point when it all becomes real. Abi brings it to life and it is just like you are there.

Abi agreed to a quick video piece for our website. I asked her to tell us a little about herself and her thoughts on President Trump. I think you will like the answer she gives. Abi is pro-America and shared her unique perspective with me during off-camera conversations. Abi will be staying in the U.S. for a while and I do hope to get to talk with her some more. Check out this brief video.

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