CNN is set to air “The Most Powerful Man In The World” tonight at 9 pm EST. I watched two videos. In this 3 minute video, CNN is extremely smug. In this 7 minute teaser, CNN does not seem to be getting the answers they want. How will they spin it is anyone’s guess.

There are two issues that CNN wants you to be confused about. First is Russian involvement with the Trump Campaign. Second is Russian involvement with trying to interfere with our elections. I have pointed out that many countries try to interfere with the political processes of other countries, including our very own President Obama.

It has been shown over and over that there was no nefarious relationship between Putin and President Trump. Actually, there was no relationship at all. What we do know is The Clinton Foundation was given millions by Russia. Here it is from the New York Times of all places!

I never thought I would see the day that the left would buy into the Black Helicopter crowd’s conspiracy theories. But here we are. The tables are completely turned.

CNN and other leftist media organizations just won’t let the Russian connection die. To thinking centrist Americans, the left wing media look more foolish every day.

The Democratic Party and their media allies have no ideas and no solutions. Their party is absolutely imploding. They lost because they were the party of division rather than unity. You can only level charges of Racism, Sexism, Bigotry and Xenophobia so long before most people see through the lie.

Now comes the old Psychological Operations Propaganda technique that suggests If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself. (variations abound) The very idea that they would title their piece The Most Powerful Man In The World relating to Putin tells you they are believing their own propaganda.

Now you know why CNN is the least trusted cable news network.

Among cable news network viewers who watch Fox News most often, 50% say they trust the political news they are getting. That compares to 43% of MSNBC viewers and just 33% who tune in mostly to CNN.

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