The real goal of Russia was to mess with the minds of Americans no matter who won. When a country is as divided as ours, it doesn’t take much to Mind Screw half the population. This is classic PsyOps (Psychological Operations) and I can’t believe I’m the only one who sees this.

Let’s clear up something first. Does Russia try to interfere with our elections through propaganda and other means? Yes. Does Russia interfere with the political process in other countries around the world? Yes. Does America do the same? Yes.

Here is some evidence we cannot deny. Former President Obama and his State Department wanted the Prime Minister of Israel to lose his election. That is the latest well-known example. Everyone also knows that President Obama disliked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and vice versa. I’m sure there have been many attempts to influence foreign elections and politics by both parties and many countries. Some are publicly known. We call it Regime Change. Who knows how many covert actions were never discovered? Hopefully, that clears up the first and most asked question. 

Imagine you are Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent now in charge of Russia. There are two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Hillary speaks in more hawkish tones than Obama but thinks the status quo is fine relating to military strength. Her agenda is more focused on social issues. Trump talks about building the military back up and restarting the American economic engine. Which candidate is a bigger threat to your goals as the leader of Russian? That is a no-brainer! 

But Putin set up a win-win for Russia. During the run-up to the election, the polls clearly have Hillary Clinton winning. It is a shoo-in but one never knows for sure. You devise a plan to discredit both candidates. No matter who wins, you create dissension in the mind of the American voting public. By leaking all the criminal activity and dirty laundry of Hillary Clinton and her campaign you make her the most flawed candidate to ever run for election. By saying nice things about candidate Trump you set up suspicion in the mind of some Americans. Putin knows the American media will help him with this if Trump accidentally wins.

It was probably a HUGE shock to the Kremlin when Hillary lost. After all, it was to the vast majority of the media and pollsters.

Hillary would have been paralyzed by a Republican House and Senate. Her agenda would have been more social rather than economic or military. That would serve the national interests of Russia nicely! Instead, Donald Trump wins the election. Putin was very likely surprised but relaxed knowing that the left wing media and Democratic Party will do everything they can to thwart Trump’s Presidency.  Cries of Russian friendship with President Trump will abound.

The PROOF is in the pudding. Cries of Russian friendship with President Trump and campaign officials are all you hear about. The media carries the water, not or the Democratic Party but unwittingly for Russia’s Vladimir Putin. It doesn’t matter that there is zero evidence of nefarious contacts between the Trump Campaign and the Kremlin. Our election was a Win-Win for Russia. It really did not matter who won in the long run.

Why is this so clear to me? Is it my 23 years involved with a PsyOps unit? Probably so.

What should we now do as Americans? The answer is simple. DO NOT let Russia win! It is time to put this all to bed and get on with Making America Great Again.


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