Beau Davidson here, a singer who has performed for President Trump both at Mar-a-lago, and at the All American Inaugural Ball in DC this past January.

I was previously a surrogate for Mitt Romney in his 2012 campaign, so for the past five years, I have had a rather unique experience and perspective on politics and GOP causes. It has been my musical artistry that has led me to politics, as my song “Blessed” became an unofficial anthem of the campaign, highlighting American military service, sacrifice, and exceptionalism.


I also work with nonprofit Purple Hearts Reunited ( which returns lost and stolen purple hearts and other medals of valor to their rightful recipients and families in special ceremonies. I wrote the song “Heart of Purple and Gold” about this organization and its mission.

Heart of Purple and Gold:

In being a singer for Republicans, I have been the brunt of much criticism, in spite of my industry’s professed “tolerance” of all points of view and freedom of expression. I believe that the GOP has both a major void and major opportunity to reach out to perceived “lost-cause” groups like Millennials and entertainers, who meet in secret societies for fear of career backlash (see Stacey Dash, Scott Baio etc). Many of them feel simply ignored by the GOP.

My brand of “consulting” then, has been the strategic use of entertainment for emotionally connecting with Americans, be it veterans groups, youth, or other undecided/independent voters. On one hand, I rally the troops (those who are dedicated/committed voters), and on the other, I communicate with those who are uncommitted and/or leery/persuadable.

I believe that the quality of the messenger is just as important as the message, which is why I have tried to work with campaigns and now hopefully the new administration, to emphasize the importance of visiting colleges, VA facilities, underground societies, town halls, and other areas where all Americans can be heard and focused upon.

I hope that I can continue to be an advocate for all you veterans who have dedicated your lives for your country. I commend you, I admire you, and I always respect you.



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