Obamacare repeal & replace bill stalls while Republicans of various persuasions try to agree. The President acts as chief negotiator with amazing skills. Confidence is high there will be a vote later this week.

President Trump meets with his cabinet. Agriculture Secretary-nominee Sonny Perdue, Labor Secretary-nominee Alex Acosta, Director of National Intelligence nominee Dan Coats and U.S. Trade Representative nominee Robert Lighthizer are still being held up by Senate Democrats. Vets for Trump plans to restart the first 100 days clock when the Democrats get out of the way.

The DOW is up for the week and the jobs report is great. Detractors imply “The Trump Factor” has nothing to do with it but we know better. Businesses are anticipating a lot of good stuff like tax cuts, less regulation and repeal and replacement of the Obamacare debacle. They are hiring more aggressively.

President Trump’s 2005 Tax report shows he is very wealthy, pays more taxes than his opponents and made MSNBC look unhinged from reality.

The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hosted Ivanka Trump for a roundtable discussion with Hispanic women business owners.

Liberal Judge in Hawaii blocks President Trump’s second travel ban. Jihadis try to enter the United States using the R Visa program proving the Judge is “Dead Wrong” and puts America at risk.

North Korea tests more missiles. Secretary Tillerson goes to talk tough to China. Raises the prospect of using force. My opinion, nobody in the past has put proper pressure on China over North Korea. It’s about time.

President Trump meets with Angela Merkel. Despite some media reports the meeting goes well. President Trump is blunt about NATO’s need to pony up the cash they promised and points to Merkel being spied upon by the NSA as a point of commonality.

Biggest story of the week hardly covered by the media and not at all by many major media players. Donna Brazile Admits to Sharing Debate Questions With Clinton. If you have the time here is a funny YouTube video of Brazile ala George Castanza. How do you feel about the Democratic Party now Bernie supporters?

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