Vets for Trump fully endorses Paul Mango in the Republican Primary for Pennsylvania Governor to be held 15 May. Paul is a West Point graduate and was a member of the prestigious 82nd Airborne Rangers. We have written about Paul Mango in previous blog posts and now run the Vets for Mango website. Paul is fighting for the Pennsylvania veterans and the middle class. Like President Trump, he comes from outside the swamp.

After leaving the Army Paul attended Harvard and went on to build the healthcare division of McKinsey and Company. President Trump, in his book “The Art of the Deal”, calls McKinsey and Company the top consulting firm in the world. Paul spent 25 years helping companies anticipating and adapting to change.

Paul Mango is the best-suited candidate for helping Pennsylvania out of the budget crisis it now faces. As a veteran, he has taken the motto Duty, Honor and Country and adapted it to Duty, Honor and Commitment to the state of Pennsylvania. Like President Trump and unlike his opponents, Paul Mango is not going to take a salary or a pension while serving as Governor of Pennsylvania!  Amazing!

Paul is also endorsed by two of our prominent members, General Paul E. Vallely and Admiral Charles R. Kubic.

Pennsylvania was instrumental in the election of President Trump. Paul is a full supporter of President Trump and his policies. We will need his support in 2020. Please share this post with all your Pennsylvania friends.

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