Vets for Trump fully endorse Rick Saccone over Connor Lamb. Yes, both are veterans but no matter how much Lamb seems to endorse most of President Trump’s policies (as a Democrat), he is against the tax cuts. It is on his website and here is the link and the quote. It is hidden under his Infrastructure heading on his Priorities Page

A comprehensive infrastructure bill would create good jobs here tomorrow, and unlike the massive corporate tax cut that just added trillions to the deficit, infrastructure investments pay for themselves.

The Dems like to say “corporate tax cuts” but what they really mean is all tax cuts. I know the tax cuts are giving me around $2,500 more a year in my pocket and I’m not rich. Besides, if you want good paying jobs and more jobs we have to keep those “corporate tax cuts” in place. Who hires people and pays them? It isn’t the worker, it is the business owner.

Do I have to go down the list of corporations returning and investing in America, the bonuses paid to millions of people by corporations because of the tax cuts, the even lower unemployment and better-paying jobs that are coming because of the tax cuts as well as how this affects our national security??? I hope not.

Keep the Democrats out of office. Remember, not a single one of them voted to lower our taxes!!

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