The answer is, I don’t yet know, but I intend to find out.  I’m telling you, though, we do know that General Flynn is, and without question or doubt, the single most feared man in America today.  If you watch their behavior closely, you’ll see as I do that the Entrenched Establishment fears General Flynn right now more than they fear President Trump.

They hate, detest and despise, they scorn and loathe President Trump.  They do so far, far more than they love America.  There’s no question about that.  They love their power and no man in the past 100 years has threatened that power the way President Trump does.  But hatred does not equal fear.

As the man who collected the winning vote for the office of the Presidency, President Trump is of course protected both by the office and by the vote itself.  So, how do you counter the power of the man who is dedicated to destroying your power?  You take away his greatest allies, one at a time, starting out with the greatest ally of all, that’s how.

Ah, but the plot thickens.  Getting a man such as General Flynn out of his appointed office might seem like a true victory for the Entrenched Establishment, but it surely appears that they’re not done attacking yet.  In fact, if anything, the attacks continue to grow.  They’re growing both in quantity and in desperation.  You can feel the frenzied fury unleashed.  A simple Google search will show you all you need to see.

Perhaps part of this can be explained and understood by Machiavelli’s time-honored maxim that you must either kiss or kill your enemy, since a wounded but living enemy will strike back.  Evidently, the loss of his position as National Security Adviser after just 24 days is not enough of a “kill” for the Entrenched Establishment.  Now, they have determined they must complete the assassination of his character utterly, and they’ll stop at nothing to do so.  That’s fear.  It’s palpable.  You can feel it.

Consider well – in spite of all distractions – that the only crime we know of to date as the unmasking and leaking of the highly classified Flynn/Kislyak transcript.  Was this a treasonous act?  I suspect so.  Was it a felony?  I don’t think there’s any doubt of that.  Greg Jarret’s outstanding analysis sheds much light on the question:

Gregg Jarrett: The leak of Flynn’s conversations is a crime

And yet the media, the very voice of the Entrenched Establishment, in their dismissal of this crime is best characterized by the Shakespearian words, “methinks thou doth protest too strongly.”

I don’t know if the Entrenched Establishment was able, at the moment’s notice, of going into counter-attack mode the day of November 9th, but I can’t imagine it took any longer than until November 10th.  By whatever date, their planning, coordination, and execution have risen to new levels of character assassination.  And that’s got to tell us something.

In his attorney’s public statement, the most important point was:

General Flynn certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit.

It’s an important statement, and you’ll want to read it in its entirety here:

“He Certainly Has A Story To Tell” – Statement From Mike Flynn’s Lawyer

The feeding frenzy we see over this matter at every turn should speak volumes to us.  Every Trump supporter who dreams to Make America Great Again, must rise up in support of General Flynn.  As the man the Entrenched Establishment fears the most, our support for him now is the strongest, best act we can take in these early days of the transformation we elected Donald Trump to lead.  President Trump needs our support, and he needs us to stand, as he so clearly does, with General Flynn.

Clearly, he’s the one man they fear the most.

Pasquale Scopelliti

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