I am a small business owner and retired military. I was recently on the phone with a friend, Brigadier General, Type 1 Each. (Inside joke) I always wondered why he remembered me so well. The Wing was around 2,000 strong and there were many who had routine interaction with him on a daily basis. I was NOT one of those people. In an email I asked how the heck he remembered so much about me. Here is a partial quote from his reply. “I just knew who got things done despite the overhead bureaucracy. You were one of those people. I always gravitated to those who could make “stuff” happen.

I’m not pointing this out to brag (OK, maybe just a little). I served from 1980 till 2002. This period of time contained some of the largest cut backs and base closings in US military history. We had to work smarter. The problem was along with the base closings and manpower cut backs there was NO reduction in our Operating Instructions, methods for completing tasks or expectations from our country.

If you are going to do more with less you have to change the how or how much. When I started my own business I realized how different a profit making business was from a Government Job. You have to be efficient or go out of business. You have to be smart in so many ways or go out of business. You have to take complete responsibility for your actions because you are now at the top of the food chain.

Donald Trump comes from the business owner point of view on a much larger scale than I do. If I “get it” don’t you think he gets it? If you are a Government employee sitting there watching porn or doing nothing productive all day BE AFRAID of a Trump Presidency. Be very afraid. You may have to really work for the first time in a long time.

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