Echo Chamber From the Urban Dictionary: A person who totally, obsequiously agrees with everything another person says.

If you have a wide circle of friends on Facebook you probably encounter friends with all sorts of political views. I have a tendency to seek out those with a point of view opposite of my own. I like to  understand where people are coming from. I also like to be challenged on why I believe what I do.

Recently I noticed two of my friends on FB were really angry at Trump and Trump supporters. Of course, I could not resist. I usually find items that are pure one sided propaganda. I then throw in a link to present a counter to that point of view or a link to the truth. Often times the friend or their friend leaps in and answers with more illogical ranting or more links to websites that are at the very least one sided. This of course leads to another counter link or explanation of how logic works. Very soon they get it and reply with more anger which only makes them seem less intelligent.

I was in a unit that broadcast propaganda as one of the main missions. As an AGR i was assigned to that unit for just under 23 years. I became very interested in propaganda and how it works. It is now so easy to spot. I then became a Christian and ended up in a church lead by one of the nation’s foremost apologetics experts. I learned a lot from good old Dr. Robert Morey.

As a student of debate and logic it is easy for me to destroy left wing propaganda. The left has a tendency to focus on emotion rather than reason. I never use bad language and try to educate people on FB. It is hard to do this without hurting their feelings. Once they are exposed to the truth, logic or a counter point of view they flip out.

One person I worked with (I’ve been retired 14 years) is still serving. She finally got so worked up over a 2 week period she told me she did not want me to comment anymore. I guess it was shredding her inner beliefs but she could not admit it. You could tell her emotions were running high. I tried to remind her of the one thing I learned in the military that helps a lot during stressful times. Emotion eradicates skills. If you are emotionally invested in a point of view and it freaks you out to hear another point of view you cannot win an argument or think clearly.

In the end I suggested if she wanted to live in an Echo Chamber then she should simply unfriend me. Her frustration reminded me of these young people in college who cannot stand hearing an opposing point of view. They say they need a “safe place” to be educated. WOW, that has changed since I was young. We prided ourselves on our ability to understand all points of view. You did not have to agree with it but you should always try to understand it.

Bottom line, if you are for Trump try not to live in an echo chamber. Both sides can be guilty of this. Get out there and challenge and be challenged. Always do  your research. Don’t surround yourself with people who agree with you. If you are right you should be able to defend your point of view with facts or plausible counter arguments.

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