I decided to look up the definition of Socialism so I could author a quick post with references for young people. It occurred to me the average person under 50 does not understand the classical meaning of the word. I noticed a “glaring” error on WikiPedia near the very top of their article. It is the difference between who controls the means of production, the Government or Democratic control. So, I decided to look up other references. Apparently WikiPedia is using the definition for Democratic Socialism under Socialism. It made me wonder if a Socialis wrote this article.

A little further investigation proved I was not imagining this change in terms. I will be brief. Here is the quote from WikiPedia on Socialism. Notice I underlined in red a screenshot from my Google search.

Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership and democratic control of the means of production

Even at Dictionary.com does not get it right. It does in the excerpt on a Google search (see featured image) but when you click to read it does not show the Google Excerpt until you scroll way down. The first definition your read uses the same words as WikiPedia.

Webster is the only one that gets it right. They also get it right at the very top.

We are NOT talking about Democratic Socialism at this point. What we are able to see is WikiPedia and Dictionary.com both want to favor the swapping out of Socialism to mean Democratic Socialism.

I will conclude by stating Democratic Socialism is little different from Government Controlled Socialism. In Democratic Socialism the “have nots” simply vote in people to represent them. All countries have more poor and middle class voters than they do upper middle class and rich. The tables will always tilt towards the confiscation of prosperity from those who have earned it. Typically the ones who prosper under any type of Socialism are Government workers and their Cronies. Makes me think of how the Clinton Foundation is run.

I think it is time for a history lesson rather than a revision of historic meanings.

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