By now everyone knows about the IG report on Hillary. Of course the “spin” has begun from the Clinton Campaign. They keep harping that “others have done this…” and then go on to justify Hillary’s actions.

This is Obfuscation 101. The fact that another Secretary of State used private email occasionally for unclassified information is NOT the same as using a private server and circumventing security protocols.

Fact: We know Clinton used her personal server for ALL her email.

Fact: We know Clinton had thousands of classified emails on her personal server.

Fact: Negligence is not a defense in a criminal case.

Fact: The IG report specifically accused Clinton of violating department policy by not giving over emails when she left office.

Fact: The audit comes as the FBI is thought to be nearing the final phases of its own investigation into Clinton’s email use as secretary of state.

Final Fact: If a current member of the military had sent even one classified email over their personal email account they would be facing serious charges.


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