Now that the President is doing away with the Iran Nuclear Deal the press is asking, “Now what?” What will happen with Iran? Will they start enriching more uranium and testing more missiles than they have been? What does it mean for the North Korean deal?

To all those who think we should not “push” things, I have a simple question. Is a tiger afraid of a mouse?  We wiped out Iraq in the First Gulf War in no time. At the time it was the worlds 5th largest military. The Iraq War (as it is called) took a little longer. The capture of Hussein took a while as he was in hiding and it is a big land area. You can’t really count the time we occupied because that was not really necessary.

President Trump would have a different way of dealing with things. I believe it would be more like my approach. You defeat a country and then pull out and tell them not to do bad things again. If they do, you go back in and wipe them out again. Repeat the process as needed but do not occupy or rebuild them. I do not believe President Trump or most Americans think it is necessary to occupy a defeated country. We have to stop thinking we can change the world with an occupation which only builds resentment and results in high loss of life. Plus the financial stress on our economy to rebuild them is just crazy!

Most American lives lost were a result of occupying Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of the money spent was on occupation and rebuilding the country. What the hell were we thinking?

The bottom line is throwing out the Iran Nuclear deal is not going to interfere with North Korea. If anything it proves President Trump will not accept a bad deal. If the Iranian government doesn’t come around maybe their people will. We shall see, but doing nothing will lead to more chaos.

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