This is typically all we get. The one exception has been Donald Trump. He came straight out of the gate making several points perfectly clear, Immigration needs fixed, The Economy needs fixed (on so many levels), Terrorism and most important to us was helping Veterans and building a strong military.

Clinton will carry on with Obama’s weak stance on Veterans issues and the military. Her stance on the VA is appalling and out of touch.

Unless you are living under a rock you know Donald Trump’s stance on Veterans and the Military.

Finally, can the never Trump crowd now put to rest their suspicions on what happened to the nearly 6 million raised for Veteran Organizations?

Maybe it is true that one group donated to had a really bad rating. However, that one mistake should not wipe out the other great organizations that received donations.

I mean really! Name me one other individual, let alone Presidential candidate that has done anything like this in a single fundraiser. You can’t!

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