That is the question so many are asking. This task is daunting and extremely important. While it may be true that less than 1% of voters consider who the VP is when asked, I believe it sets a general tone. This tone can balance the candidate for President, especially during the debates.

I’ve listened to the talking heads. They all make some good points. The political analysts point out there are really only a few states (and actually counties within those states) that count during the typical Presidential election. Ohio is one of the most important states. That causes many to suggest Kasich as VP. Others point to the need for the Hispanic vote and suggest someone like Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico. Then there is Rubio since he is Hispanic and the list goes on and on.

Trump’s stance towards illegal immigrants has alienated much of the Hispanic vote. As a side note this still confuses me. Why would so many law abiding Hispanics want illegal immigrants competing for citizen jobs? It’s beyond me. Obviously law abiding legal Hispanics should be looking to elect someone who will help increase their quality of life. The ones that understand this seem to be in the minority. Bottom line I don’t think picking a Hispanic will do much.

Now there is the black vote. Carson is very likeable but I’ve heard he is not interested. Second, Carson does not have political experience. As good a man as he is there are probably plenty of places for his skills. First would be overhauling Obamacare. Second would be Surgeon General. Carson would also make a fine Ambassador.

My pick: Elbert Guillory. The downside of Mr. Guillory is he has no Washington D.C. experience. Trump is going to need someone who can navigate the House & Senate to help him get things done. This does not have to be his VP. The upside is Guillory does have political experience at the state level. His calm demeanor would balance out Trump’s flamboyant nature. His life story is amazing. He’s belonged to both political parties. His reasoning for his positions are sound and convincing. On top of all that Guillory presents himself so well you cannot help but listen to what the man has to say and he has plenty to say.



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