We received this thank you letter today. Many have written or called for assistance. The best advice we can give is first to contact your local VFW or American Legion. If they cannot help get in touch with your local Congressman. Thanks to Christopher Tunstall for submitting this letter of thanks.


In January, I reached out to you for help.

After losing my father in April 2016, our family was dealing with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs to obtain my mother’s spousal benefits–but, to no avail.

All we kept hearing was “We’re processing your request…” No matter what we did to comply with all requirements from the VA in a timely fashion, our family was at a standstill month after month after month. Unfortunately, the same is true for many other veterans and their families.

My mother is 88 years-old and has been fighting Dementia with Lewy Body disease for ten years. And, this year she was close to being evicted from her memory care facility without having her VA benefits. And, our family had reached the point where we could no longer cover the monthly shortage for her living and medical expenses. A tenuous time indeed.

My father, Harry P. Tunstall, served our country, he worked hard his entire life, he was an exemplary husband and father, he helped those less fortunate, and he was a remarkably compassionate, loving human being. He was a man who had faith in America to uphold its end of a contract as it related to him being a Marine during the Korean War.

The tremendous heartache and grief our family was going through after losing our father was compounded even more by our continual frustration in dealing with the VA. So, I went public about our dire situation on Twitter and you kindly offered your support through your website to get the word out. Because of your help, Mike K. sent me Joe E. from Chicago who read your article, called me and offered his help to resolve our situation.

Joe set up a conference call with me and the VFW headquarters to assess our case and offer advice on the next best steps we could do in order to be successful in making sure my mother received her VA spousal benefits. Our conversation led to the VFW recommending that I request a congressional inquiry because our family was desperate for an immediate resolution after a year with no progress from the VA.

In April, I contacted Congressman Mark Meadows’ office in the 11th District of NC. One of his staffers, Jenny Maybin, accepted our request for assistance in dealing with the VA. Jenny showed compassion to our family, she took immediate action, and she was instrumental in opening our congressional inquiry. After five weeks of Jenny sending letters and making calls on behalf of our family, my mother received all of the back spousal benefits due her. Now, our family is at peace because our mother can stay at her memory care facility.

Because of people like President Trump, Dr. Shulkin and you, I feel encouraged because our country’s leadership is on the right track again in providing much-needed care and support to our veterans. Yes, it will take time, but definite progress is being noticed and it is appreciated. The icing on the cake was President Trump’s signing today of the VA Accountability Act. Change is not easy, neither is greatness. However, we are rebuilding our country while honoring and respecting our veterans.

Joshua, you provide our veterans with a strong, robust support network to veterans in need of help. Words can’t express the gratitude I have for you in all you did to help our family during the darkest moment of our lives. Your support honored my father’s life and it directly leads to us receiving our mother’s benefits. For this, I am eternally thankful.

May God bless you and may God bless America!

Deepest regards,

Christopher Tunstall

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