Veterans know that while they served there were going to be times when everyone around them was armed. With all those guns, many fully automatic, you would think there would be tons of murders, attempted murders and accidental deaths, right?

I found it too difficult to get statistics on soldiers killing fellow soldiers where everyone was armed. I’m sure there have been a few but not many. This does not include friendly fire during actual combat. I’m talking about walking around an encampment.

It should stand to reason if guns were the issue then soldiers and even police officers would be slaughtering each other. This is not the case.

Maybe we can learn something from the Swiss and even Israel. Here is an interesting article from TIME. Hard to believe you can even find an article like this considering 90% of the Media is Left leaning.

It is ILLEGAL to carry a concealed firearm in Switzerland. It is not unusual to see someone carrying a gun on public transportation. That would be one heck of a deterrent don’t you think? Switzerland has only had ONE mass shooting and that was in 2001. 20% of Swiss citizens are immigrants so it cannot be completely their culture. Bottom line: Switzerland was not invaded by Germany in the Second World War because most citizens were armed and trained.

Israeli Soldiers are generally required to carry their personal weapons and ammunition together while on furlough, during active service, uniformed or in civilian clothing. Public transportation drivers, retired police sergeants, prison guards, volunteers and others also carry firearms. Imagine if it were that way in the United States. Overall Israel has very few mass shootings and they are in the middle of hostile territory.

No, there is something more to this issue than guns and how prevalent they are in society. Without much research I can only suppose it is our politically correct culture and privacy laws. We need to get smart and fix these two things before we talk about banning guns of any sort.

Looks like Trump had it right again. We’re just not smart because we allow ourselves to be held hostage by the politically correct.

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