Having Hillary give a speech on foreign policy is like Charlie Sheen giving a speech on self control. It is like Bill Clinton writing an advice column on fidelity. ~ Greg Gutfeld

The first question that comes to my mind is “What President had real foreign policy experience before taking office?”

The answer to that question might astonish you. Here is a good short article on the subject. If you want to skip reading that suffice it to say the best foreign policy Presidents had ZERO experience. Think of Ronald Reagan who by any standard had the best foreign policy Presidency by winning the Cold War. JFK who stared down the Soviets and Nixon who opened up China relations.

Lack of experience does not seem to matter. Nor is it an indicator of how someone will do. Obama had zero foreign policy experience and a horrible foreign policy record. The others mentioned above had no experience but did great things. OK, here is a dig on Obama. He had no qualifying experience of any sort before taking office and it shows. What is crazier, voting for Obama with no experience or Donald Trump with a lifetime of experience that made him a billionaire?

Hillary has great experience but nothing to show for it. The Middle East is in flames, the Russians push around their neighbors and challenge our Navy and Air Force like we are sissies. China creates islands and arms them. Then China declares them sovereign territory and threatens our Navy. North Korea has nuclear weapons. Libya is in chaos, Iraq has disintegrated. Iran gets billions and sanctions lifted and we get nothing but Death to America in return. The list of failures is larger than that but you get the idea.

It is not experience that counts. It is success. To quote Charlie Sheen “Winning!”


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