I just don’t get it. Newt Gingrich and other talking heads say that Donald Trump’s comments about the Hispanic Judge is damaging and HUGE blunder.

What if this was Obama defending himself in a court with a judge who was potentially once tied to a White Supremacist movement?

I keep hearing that Judge Cruiel is part of lawyers group that has a similar name – La Raza. The argument states that the attorney group has no association with the National Council of La Raza.

If you do not know who the National Council of La Raza is, it is referred to as the Latino KKK. WikiPedia Quote:

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) referred to the group as the “Latino KKK”.[24]

If Trump is out of line then why does the La Raza attorney website link to the National Council of La Raza website? This attorney group is where Judge Cruiel once belonged.

Again, Donald Trump is right to point this out and the Talking Heads are wrong. I mean there may be some legal mumbo jumbo that the Talking Heads are referring to. I do not know the law regarding judges recusing themselves. All I can do is read WikiPedia and come to the conclusion that this is a Conflict of Interest when you are associated with a racist group. Even if that association is by your group linking to the racist group.

As Donald Trump says, “It is just common sense.”

Since he has taken a stand for legal immigration and watching Muslims more closely, how could he get a fair shake from a Racist or Islamic Terrorist sympathizer?

There are those still fighting the Mexican American War just like there are still those fighting the Civil War. Veterans should understand these links better than most.

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