Before you read this please check out the Debt Clock by clicking here if you have never seen it before.

$162,601.62 is the number you get when you divide the debt at 20 Trillion by 123 million full time workers in the USA. Your personal debt to the country is over 160 Thousand dollars if you are working.

Next consider that 45% of those working do not pay any Federal Income Tax. 67,650,000 workers are paying Federal Income Tax. $295,639.32 is the amount each Federal Tax paying citizen would have to pay in their life to pay off the debt.

Now for the kicker. The top 50% of wage earners pay 97.2% of the taxes.  Bottom line; if you are middle class or higher you are bearing the main burden of our debt.

Question: Who do you think will do a better job getting the debt under control? Do you think a typical Tax and Spend liberal will accomplish that?

If you are a Veteran who had to handle budgets you probably see this problem clearly.

Undecided Voters, isn’t it time for you to switch to Trump? After all, It’s the economy stupid!

This is America’s Last Chance to make a real change.

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