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“Stop the fight. Let’s Unite”

June 28, 2017: MAGAMEGA LLC, a grassroots pro-American organization, announces a MAGA MEGA Rally celebrating those who stand for America, Go Against the Grain or are Making a difference and are eager to celebrate the Nations Birthday the Saturday prior to July 4th.

The event is scheduled for July 1, 2017 at the Southwest Quadrant of the Ellipse – south side of the White House Lawn. This is a free event for all American’s who wish to promote their love for their country and their love for freedom. Free tickets are available at You can call or follow any of the links provided. For media request please contact us directly.

We are pleased to announce, Transformational Speaker, Dr. Lisa Christiansen and EDM Recording artist and DJ, Kaya Jones have accepted our invitation to be keynote speakers at the March for MAGA event. This event is to unite the Nation together in support of our country and our elected President. We are excited to have Dr. Lisa and Kaya Jones speaking along with other guests at our events throughout the country this year.

MAGA MEGA Rally is a prequal to the main event on September 1st and 2nd where there are more than 215 nominees for the MAGA Awards, some of which are nominated in more than 1 category, which brings the nominee total to 247. There are 24 categories – see our voting page for the full list of categories and nominees. The MAGA Awards event will offer a variety of speakers, performers or presenters ranging from community organizations, the entertainment industry, politics, the media, and mainstream society.

Dr. Christiansen has been publicly supporting President Trump throughout the campaign and even went to the inauguration. She is an Oklahoma-based authority on the psychology of leadership, organizational turnaround, and is a Peak Performance Strategist. She is also a Doctor of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences, and has a degree in Psychology. Dr. Christiansen has served as an Advisor to pop star Kelly Clarkson, Olympian Dara Torres, and superstar Patrick Dempsey. Christiansen has also been honored as one of the “Top Business Intellectuals in the World.”

Kaya Jones is an EDM Recording artist and DJ – Known formally from the world famous, Pussycat Dolls, and is highly involved in philanthropy work with veterans. Kaya is currently recording a new album with an upcoming release date to be announced. 

Just so you know who we are, our company was founded by Peter Boykin & Viktoria L Colvin, our mission is to support and ensure True Freedom of Speech. Additionally our goal is to bring fun and excitement into American Activism through events such as; The Inaugural Deploraball, March4Trump: Washington DC, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Phoenix & Mar-a-Lago, and now The MAGA Awards.

Kaya Jones, Dr. Lisa Christensen, Joy Villa, Andre Soriano, and the Jackson Tillman Band are just a couple of the nominees for The MAGA Awards along with other nominees who will attend the MAGA Award event, perform new singles, or present awards. Many will also have booths at the expo during the day on September 1st to sign autographs, meet fans, and sell CD’s or souvenirs.

Please join us on July 1 for a day filled with love, unity, and patriotism. You can follow each one on Twitter @Joy_Villa @KayaJones @DrLisaCoaching @andresoriano @JTillmanBand. For more details visit themagaawards.comAnd we are also proud to announce the MAGA Award is being cast in silver – in the image of Joy in the now famous MAGA Gown.

The MAGA Awards and MAGA MEGA Rally and Expo events are not intended as Pro-Trump or politically motivated events.

Although many of the nominees, as well as the organization is in support of the 45th President, Donald Trump. This event is a PRO-AMERICAN event, honoring those who strive to make it better for one another and are willing to put aside personal beliefs, opinions, or negative narratives in order to improve the lives of fellow Americans.

We’re unifying in honor of The United States of America and for all Americans; all people, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, age, or political affiliation are invited to participate. We the people, as One Nation Under God, invite you to set aside differences and join us.

For further information, please visit us at The MAGA Awards, please go vote for your favorite nominee and visit the schedule to get all the details for the day’s events. Like us on Facebook or follow the MAGA Awards on Twitter and use #MagaAwards also follow @PeterBoykin and @ViktoriaLColvin. To become a sponsor or to have your own expo booth visit our sponsor and exhibitor page.


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