I was on Facebook after attending the Trump rally in Richmond last night and could not believe some of the things being said about Mr. Trump . The media absolutely lied about the size of the crowd in attendance and had posted a couple of pictures of a few people scattered around shortly after the doors were opened at 5 pm . They called the rally a flop . What they did not do is show the pictures of the large crowd after the rally was under way . Not a surprise ! Remember Benghazi ? How our government officials sat back and watched our people get murdered and did nothing to stop it ? Then had the nerve with the help of the media to lie to the American people and tell us it was because of some stupid video , not terrorist ! I for one have a real problem with a candidate that had any part in that horrific negligence , and that includes Hillary Clinton . Instead of people buying into the lies of the media and our current administration , they should be asking themselves how would they feel if that had been their family members . Remember that when you vote this November people and stop letting the media choose for you . GOD BLESS AMERICA

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