Just when you think that you have heard all there is to Hillary Clinton , along comes Gary Byrne . His book “Crisis of Character ” says it all (link added by Admin). The media insults our intelligence almost daily talking about Mr. Trump and keeps this information under cover about Hillary Clinton and by playing this down as nothing! They even go after the author of the book by trying to discredit him . Nothing??? (edit by Admin) This lady wants to be our president ! She smiles for the camera and goes into uncontrollable rages as soon as it is turned off . A valuable vase being thrown at then President Bill Clinton , screaming and swearing at her husband, his staff , and even leaving the president with a nice shiner under his eye for a souvenir of her tantrums ! The very thought of this woman leading our nation should scare us to a new level ! This is not the leadership that this country needs at a time of world crisis . People , please vote with your good sense , your heart , and your soul . This election is more important than we can imagine . We only have about four months left before the election . Mr. Byrne just reinforces to me why I support Mr. Trump . God Bless America!

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