OK, yesterday I posted some quick thoughts on Trump going after Judge Curiel in his Trump University civil lawsuit. Today someone sent me a link to Lou Dobbs defending Trump. For a while I thought I was the only one who thought Trump was being reasonable.

I cannot explain in typed words how flabbergasted I was yesterday. All the talking heads and politicians (on the Republican side) were saying Trump was out of line etc. Take a look at the screenshot from Lou Dobbs above. Then watch this video on FOX Business.

Yesterday I thought I slipped into an “alternative universe” where right was wrong, good was bad and black was white. TRUMP WAS COMPLETELY CORRECT WHEN HE SAID THIS WAS COMMON SENSE! At least Lou Dobbs gets this right. I thought I was completely alone for a while.

How in the world can a judge appointed by Obama, who supports Clinton and belongs to tons of Hispanic organizations be seen as impartial?

The Judge belongs to La Raza Lawyers. Yesterday people were saying this La Raza Lawyers association was not the same as the racist La Raza organization. That may be true but WHY IN THE WORLD DOES THE LAWYER WEBSITE LINK TO THE RACIST ORGANIZATION WEBSITE?

Here it is one more time in case you missed it.

First, the website is http://larazalawyers.net/. They have owned this domain name since May 2000 and it looks like it has not been updated since then. Under the page Links & Affiliates at the bottom you will find a link to the racist La Raza website.National Council of La Raza.


The Judge in question belonged to this organization of attorneys. If this group was not sympathetic to the racist organization why do they link to it under their “Links & Affiliates” page? Granted, this alone does not prove anything nefarious, However, if someone belonged to an organization that linked to a White Supremacist website as a “link or affiliate” it would cause any normal person to look deeper.

I know there will be some left winger out there that will try to tell you La Raza is not a racist organization. Look it up on Google and then make your own assessment. There is even a Latino group against La Razza on Blogspot.

Trump says the Hispanic Judge is treating him unfairly and points to his Mexican background and affiliations. That is completely fair for Trump to point out.

Trump is then asked if it were a Muslim Judge would you also feel like they would not be able to treat you fairly because of that policy of yours? Trump says “Possibly yes, that would be possible.

Well DARN STRAIGHT IT WOULD BE POSSIBLE! If a Muslim Judge had ties to a radical Islamic organization it would be very possible.

I cannot believe the number of Republicans and Talking Heads that think there is no appearance of impropriety? If you ask me they all look like a bunch of idiots to me. Read more from 31 May on this subject. I am sure there will be more uncovered as this goes on.

Bottom line it is the appearance of impropriety that should be avoided here. Looks like a  Trump “Witch Hunt” to me.

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