I was sitting here the other day watching the news when I asked myself that question. If you are an undecided Veteran or civilian voter what are your thoughts?


Hillary Clinton
  • Scandals – I’m put in mind of all the scandals with the Clintons. Everything from the 1990’s to the present.
  • Obama – Hillary will continue forward with President Obama’s policies. How’s that working out for you?
  • Denial – Hillary lives in a world of denial. It wasn’t me. It was authorized. It was for convenience. It was a video. None of these statements are true and we have written evidence proving she is lying about everything.
  • War on women – Hillary thinks that her opponents have declared some kind of imaginary war on the opposite sex. She needs to remember that her opponents either are women or have men in the lives of these women and they LOVE them. I’m betting she would do as much for women as Obama did for African Americans. NOTHING.
  • Corrupt – Hillary’s actions as a Secretary of State are suspicious when it comes to the Clinton Foundation. See how corrupt even the networks are in relation to this scandal. They are essentially part of the scandal.
  • Economic Policies – More of the same. Zero growth for America, just like Obama. Do not let unemployment numbers fool you. They do not count people who have stopped looking for work. Using the current model 100% of all Americans could be out of work and the results would be A ZERO UNEMPLOYMENT RATE!
  • Policies in General – Nothing new. More of the same.


Donald Trump
  • Politically Incorrect – Donald is a brawler. He doesn’t strike first but when you hit him he hits back 10 fold. He does not couch his speech in political rhetoric. Like him or not what you see is what you get.
  • Veterans – Donald’s has made Veterans one of the center pieces of his discussions and speeches. Everything he says from keeping war plans secret, taking care of families of injured and fallen as well as the injured veterans veterans themselves makes me hopeful.
  • Supports Law Enforcement – Donald recognizes that both law and law enforcement needs to be respected. We are a country of laws and the people who enforce those laws need to be held in high regard, not contempt like the other side would have it.
  • The Wall – To stem illegal drugs, human trafficking, rape and murder the southern border needs to be secured. Legal immigration is just that, legal. See above for being a country of laws. Bottom line it will save lives and suffering on both sides of the border. Mexicans should clean up their own country rather than coming here. Maybe the wall will help that along. It will definitely help us.
  • Economy & Trade – I don’t get why unions would be more in favor of a Democrat than Trump. Donald wants to bring jobs back to America and keep the ones we have. Why the hell would unions be against that?
  • Art of the Deal – Trump knows how to reach deals with others. Hillary will continue Obama’s policy of not working with others. Trump will be tough but will negotiate for the betterment of Americans.

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