Veterans of the recent wars against radical Islam know that the only way to stop “home grown” Islamic terrorists is to remove them from the world stage. People continue to argue that these are radicalized Americans. That might be true but what has contributed to their radicalization? It is the fact that America has allowed them to grow in various countries. Pinprick airstrikes do not do enough to demoralize them.

It is just like kids that grow up in the worst city areas of our country. What has made Chicago so much different from LA and New York? Why is Chicago such a national disgrace? It is the fact that the Mayor does not order the police into the neighborhoods to put a stop to it all. At this point they need to call out the National Guard. Then, when the criminals see they will be caught and punished for their actions they will not be as likely to engage in those things.

It is the same thing with radical Islamic terrorists. You need to show them that their ideology will not go unchallenged and unpunished. Military people understand this all too well.

If you are an undecided voter remember Hillary is a continuation of Obama’s failed foreign policy. Donald Trump was the first Presidential Candidate point to the whole issue of Islamic radicals wanting to infiltrate our country. Oh yes, he may have said it inartfully. The PC Police shouted him down but dammit he is right. It is not Racist or Bigoted to point out the truth. Since a perverted form of Islam is at the center of this crisis and you cannot tell who is and is not a radical  you must protect yourself from all newcomers until you can get it sorted out.

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