Are Veteran protesters at Trump rallies grassroots or part of the Clinton Campaign?  See this article. Pretending to be a grassroots effort they have shown themselves to be working with the Clinton Campaign to protest Donald Trump according to The Daily Beast. Excerpt from The Daily Beast article:

A spokesman for the demonstrators insisted they had no affiliation with any campaign. Later he said the protesters had reached out to the Clinton campaign for press contacts, but that’s all. Then the activist finally admitted that, yes, the Clinton campaign had helped organize the protest…..

At Monday’s protest, Marine veteran and Clinton supporter Alexander McCoy served as a spokesman for the demonstrators—and went to great lengths to hide the Clinton campaign’s involvement with organizing the demonstration.

Despite continued protests from Alexander McCoy the other side says he and his group are supported by the Clinton Campaign. That is not the issue that troubles me. I know the majority of Veterans support Trump. I also know the majorities are usually best suited to make the correct choice.

The Wisdom of Crowds implies we are collectively more intelligent than we are individually. However, the “herd instinct” can be a downside. Emotions will eradicate skills. That is why the military tries to train you to reduce emotions under stress.

I found it interesting that Crowd Wisdom can be greatly reduced under certain circumstances. Below is just one example from the Wiki article.

Emotional factors, such as a feeling of belonging, can lead to peer pressure, herd instinct, and in extreme cases collective hysteria.

Ask yourself why a small group of Veterans for Clinton takes the time to protest. Is it because they are out of work and have the time to do this? Is it because they have fallen prey to a form of collective hysteria? Nobody outside of those involved knows for sure but I do have my suspicions.

You do not see Veterans for Trump protesting at Clinton events. It is also interesting to note that liberals tend to protest and become violent and conservatives tend to be peaceful until provoked. This is not limited to Veterans. You see it on the civilian side as well.

It is not out of line to suggest that Veterans for Clinton are more inclined to be emotion and easily influenced. They also appear to be younger and part of the “safe space” crowd we see on college campuses. Emotional people have a harder time looking at the substance of a position (logos) versus the pathos and ethos of the rhetoric.

Consider the following Trump positions using logos rather than pathos or ethos of his rhetoric.

Trump position: Immigration needs to be legal. This results in an extreme emotional response from the Clinton crowd. Protests include property damage and other violent acts. This is the emotion reaction by the liberals. They focus on the emotion rather than the logic. 

Would a real Veteran get upset at upset at someone promoting obeying the law? A military person cannot get far without obeying the rules and UCMJ. This indicates to me that Veterans for Clinton and liberal civilians are focused on the emotional part of the rhetoric. They focus on the deportation part, not the obeying the law in the first place part of Trump’s position.

Trump position: Immigration of  Muslims should be temporarily halted until we can figure out who is our enemy and who means us no harm. This too seems to cause protests and is used as justification for violent acts.

While banning immigration on religious grounds cannot be done for current Constitutional reasons the idea is sound if you change it a bit. All you have to do is say a temporary ban on the following nations. You then go on to list the majority Muslim nations. That is Constitutional and is probably a good idea.

Again, the left gets hysterical over the first words spoken rather than trying to see the main point. We need to get a handle on this. Otherwise it is going to get people killed in the United States.

In conclusion I ask my fellow Veterans to look at the logic rather than the emotion of both candidates rhetoric. Then tell me who you support.

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