Again, I want to remind everyone my granddaughter who I love is biracial. Like many who will read this I’ve been watching many talking heads on the news. It occurred to me that one of the problems (there are many) with the Black Lives Matter movement was their choice of words for their name.

Think about this. If the group had come out and called themselves “Black Lives Matter Too” whites and Hispanics would have a very different view. We would all be sitting here and saying “of course they do.”

Instead it comes across as Racist when you exclude other races. Anytime someone says “All Lives Matter!” they are shouted down. Most clear thinking Americans are stunned by Hillary and the Democrats that support this overt Racist movement. Maybe the peace loving people should come out of that movement and rebrand themselves under Black Lives Matter Too.

The Left has made it an “Us against them” culture for many election cycles. If you disagree with Obama, you are a Racist. If you disagree with Black Lives Matter you are a Racist, If you want to send illegal people back to their country of origin you are a Racist. That is according to Hillary and the Left. Now if you have any problem with Hillary you are a Misogynist! That is a whole different story but you see the division the Democrats and the Left cause, don’t you?

Below is the Full Definition of Racism from Webster’s.

1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

Nobody I recall on the Right ever made the 2008 and 2012 election about race. It was about many things but not race. After 8 years of a biracial President it seems to be more about race than ever before. Don’t be deceived. The main theme this time around is restoring American Standards and Greatness. That means we must ALL obey and follow the law, cops, politicians, Muslims, blacks, whites, browns etc. A nation sinks or swims together regardless of race.

Who is controlling the minds of the kids in the ghetto where the majority of people are black or brown? The Left controls most major American cities and has for a long time. In the ghettos of many of our major cities kids think it is OK to kill another human being?  How did this happen? The Left worked their way into our schools and government institutions where they teach restorative justice, tolerance for evil and inculcate a sense of entitlement in our youth. Long gone are the days when a Democrat would say:

ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.(The quote was originally cited by Gibran Khalil Gibran)
— John F. Kennedy, inauguration address, January 1961.

All we have to do to understand why the Left in America is destroying us is to look at what they have produced. A good friend of mine said “You will know them by their fruits” meaning what they bring forth. Yes, that was my friend Jesus. The result of too much liberalism has created this problem of entitlement and expectation of equality of outcome rather than hard work and equal opportunity. Of course there are going to be stupid or evil police. There are also evil ministers and priests. The solution is not to kill them. The solution is to bring them to justice regardless of who they.

This country was far better off when the Left was still self reliant, believed in One Nation Under God etc. Justice was swift and painful, evil was shunned, Christian morality was the accepted norm and youth were taught to work for what they got. I grew up in that generation down the road from Donald Trump in Woodhaven Queens. My friends were every race and ethnicity. We did not even know how to hate someone just because they looked different. I do not recognize this new twisted and divided America.

Trump has struck a nerve with me and people like me. He might have been a privileged young man but in my generation we looked up to that. We wanted to be that. We were not so envious of the rich that we thought we deserved their wealth for doing nothing! If Blacks are so envious of so called white privilege then they need to change themselves.

One day it could be whites looking at them and saying Black privilege. Whites might say: “See how they fought to change their culture and overcame?” Yes, that could be someday if they return to the old fashioned moral code that makes any nation or race great. It is not skin color but culture that counts.

A BLM actor and activist said he doesn’t condone the violence of BLM but he understands it. What the heck does that mean? If I said I don’t condone Islamic Terrorism but I understand it it would be the same if I said I don’t condone Black Terrorism but I understand it.  INSANITY ~ and this is what you get when you continually vote in Liberal politicians and let Leftists take over TV News stations, educational institutions and pay attention to most of Hollywood. I understand Terrorism, white, black, Muslim etc. It is EVIL and must be stopped.

Back to Racism… To change the definition of a word like “racist” to mean something else is one technique of Propaganda. Criticizing Obama, Black Lives Matter or any person or group of another race is not Racism. It would be racist if you ended your criticism with “because you are black” or “because you are white” or something like that. Saying that illegal Mexicans or any other illegal alien should be sent back to their country of origin is NOT racist.

Saying that only your race matters is Racist! Supporting those who say things like that is Racist. Hillary Clinton is a Racist.

Trump ~ Not a Racist.

Don’t believe me? Take it from the guy in the video below. A bit long but he sure makes a credible point and he is black!

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