During an interview with O’Reilly last night (25 Jul 16) Charles Krauthammer said “Oh come on, you believe that gump?” This was in relation to Donald Trump’s position on NOT telling the world wide audience exactly what he has planned for ISIS. Krauthammer then accused O’Reilly was “spinning” for Trump.

Any Veteran who was ever involved in a “real world” conflict would have been seriously disciplined for leaking plans.

Plans, even general plans, should NEVER be disclosed.

If  you know a civilian that believes Trump should “spell out” our plans to defeat the enemy should refer them to D-Day Plans.

Donald Trump has a plan and he is NOT stupid. He will not reveal his plans or use compromised communications.

If you are an undecided voter take it from a Special Operations Vet. You do not reveal your plans to the enemy.

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