I’ve been thinking more and more about how the Democratic Party tries to divide us. I’ve decided to call them the Divideocrats. I have many friends who are Democrats. Some are voting for Trump and a few will admit they are voting for Clinton. They do not try to justify her criminal behavior but they are putting it aside for ideology. Not sure how that works but that’s what they tell me.  As I’ve previously mentioned I was in a Psychological Warfare unit that broadcasted propaganda. I was not directly involved in that aspect but things rub off over time.

The Left / Democratic Party as distinguished from the people who call themselves Democrats are largely to blame for the Divided America. I bolded the word “largely” because there are some Right Wing Conservative Republicans that do the same. Not many but some. Think about it.

  • Why are race relations so bad after having elected a mixed race President to two terms?
  • Why do Democratic Leaders and Left Wing Media Outlets call Trump a Racist when he talks about things related to Law & Order and not race?
  • Why do Women feel like the Democrats are on their side when most evidence points to exactly the opposite? Yes, I can back this up with facts.

I asked myself those questions and realized it was due to years of Propaganda. The Democratic playbook has been to divide, not unite. Hence the term Divideocrat. Why do I get along with my Democratic friends on most issues? It is because we the people see most things the same.

After Obama was elected anytime someone criticized his policies they were falsely called a Racist. That was tactic of the Divideocratic Party. That is how it all started to snowball. Next, a small thing happened in 2009 to a black Harvard professor. Nobody was hurt but Obama had to say the police “acted stupidly.” when cops were just doing their job.

We all want something done about the health care issue but Obama’s version is not going to work. Even Democrats will admit to that when they crunch the numbers. Right now it works for some and not others. Same as it ever was before Obamacare. My Dem friends and I agree something needs to change. Divideocrats simply want to put their heads in the sand and demonize those who can do math.

Another big issue is the whole “war on women” thing the Divideocrats keep pushing. Can anyone point to a Republican that doesn’t have a mother, wife, sister or friend that is a woman? Do you think Republicans hate their wives, mothers, sisters and female friends? Absurd! You know you are being brainwashed by the Divideocrats if you believe this.

Many are brainwashed, claiming Trump is a Racist. When I ask people to tell me how he is a racist they either cannot come up with anything or point to the statements made about Islam or Immigration. When I point to the definition of Racism they have one of three reactions, denial, embarrassment or acceptance. No halfway intelligent person thinks Trump is a Racist. If you make that claim you either do not understand what the word means or you have been brainwashed. Words have meaning and Racist does not fit Trump. Trump’s stance is about law & order plus safety and economic benefits for Americans especially for Blacks. Again, it is the Divideocrats pushing this term to low information people.

Don’t get brainwashed.

We are “One Nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all” We stand or fall together as a nation moving forward with one united purpose.


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