I support Trump because Hillary has proven herself to be totally incompetent, and indifferent to the security of the country.  Also the evidence indicates to me that the Clintons are pretty much crooks.

On the other hand Mr. Trump’s recent response to the Muslim parent who lost a son makes me wonder if he is serious in his campaign.  To compare his work to the loss of a son, and then go off on a tangent about the mother’s silence, at the minimum shows a complete inability to think on his feet, and at the worst,  a desire to damage his own campaign.   A simple statement that he desired to protect the country from the damage seen in Europe with a temporary halt to migrations would have been appropriate, as well as showing sympathy for the parents.  There is a time to forcefully counter attack, and a time for a measured response.   He needs to learn that.

Site Administrator’s Thoughts: It is easy to have 20/20 hindsight. I am guessing the main objection is to the “sacrifice” issue. With enough time to think I may have responded “What sacrifice has Obama, Hillary or Bill Clinton made?” Is there a point Khan was trying to make that I missed?

Also, the attack by a Gold Star parent on Donald Trump is a distraction from the Obama / Clinton failed foreign policies. Had Obama and Clinton kept some control over Iraq after the war was won Trump would not have to deal with the issue of ISIS.

Khan is obviously a Democrat or is at minimum using Democratic Talking Points. Khan makes the same false allegations against Trump as do all Democrats.

Hillary lying to Patricia Smith is 100 fold worse than anything Trump has said.

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