A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right ~ Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine helped to give rise to the American Revolution and hence our independence from England. Paine may not have been perfect but then again who is aside from Christ? Nevertheless, I was struck by this quote. It reminded me so much of how our President thinks. He sees the things that are wrong and calls them out.

How long have we known the Press is corrupted by competition for advertising dollars and personal ideology? I don’t know about you but I’ve known it for a long time. Long before our President made it a “mantra” I knew it all too well. Greg Gutfeld remarked just the other day that there is tons more evidence of the FAKE Media than there is of the Russia/Trump conspiracy theory. Greg is more than a comedian and satirist. He is a one of a kind person who often says exactly what I am thinking but in a funnier way. A sense of humor is important if you are going to survive political discussions. God bless Greg Gutfeld and yes, I know he is an Agnostic but I said it anyway!

For a long time, we have not thought it wrong for the vast majority of reporters to be self-identified liberals It was simply the nature of the beast. In 1776 this new nation was moved to war in large part due to journalists of the day like Thomas Paine & Ben Franklin. Remember that the next time you think journalists/reporters have now real power. Like nuclear energy, it can be used for great good or great destruction.

If you do not thank President Trump for anything else at least thank him for bringing this important issue to the forefront of everyone’s mind. He is calling out the media and the entrenched bureaucracy aka The Swamp.

Our continued independence is counting on this being the turning point in the great experiment we call America. I hear the objections from the talking heads that this or that is beneath the office of the President etc and etc (fill in the criticism). The great thing about our President is he doesn’t seem to be the kind of person to talk behind your back. Who do you like more, a straight shooter who you don’t agree with or a snake that talks behind your back and keep an enemies list? If we are going to fight about something be straight with me. I’m fine with that.

President Trump is NOT going to let us get into the habit of thinking America owes the world. He is shouting from the rooftops about how our previous Presidents and politicians from both sides have screwed the average American. Bad trade deals with foreign governments (hurts the average American worker), bad business deals between contractors and our own government (hurts our tax money that we worked hard to earn), bad policies like saying “don’t cross that line” and then when crossed doing nothing about it (hurts American credibility), bad firing policies for government employees (insults those of us who had employers that could fire us at will), bad policies dealing with our criminal justice system (hurts our ability to keep us safe), bad policies dealing with our inner cities (hurts minorities more than anyone else) and the list goes on and on.

When was the last time a President of the United States put it so plainly to the American people? From what I can tell, Thomas Paine would have been a raving fan of our President.

The wise among us are no longer in the habit of accepting wrong things because they have been the status quo. This was the spark of a new nation in 1776. May it be the spark of a new era that started in 2017 on Inauguration Day.

Do Vets still support President Trump? You bet we do!


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