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MSgt Michael J. Kelly Vets for Trump

MSgt Retired Michael J. Kelly Vets for Trump

We are building a team. Do you want to join us? Click here to Register. You can then get to know more outstanding people like yourself who support Donald Trump for President!

If you do a Google search we are nowhere to be found. I noticed there are lots of Social Media sites and news sites. We must work together to consolidate our efforts. With your help, we can become number 1 on Google. Mention us on your social media platforms, websites and in messages to your friends.

If you run a website or have a Social Media outlet devoted to Vets for Trump Register with us. We can then allow you to Post and automatically share Posts with your Social Media instantly. I am the webmaster so I can help you to do that using TeamViewer which allows you to come to my computer or me to come to yours to assist.


First, I’m just the webmaster here. I bought the domain name in late April and started posting after hearing Vets For Trump in the news. I was privileged and humbled to be invited to a meeting of around 20 grassroots leaders sponsored by GOPVets in Washington DC. That was 7 Jul 16. I had met several of these outstanding people via email, phone, and a teleconference once before. This was a face to face meeting that I will never forget.

Above is a group photo from that meeting. At the very top is a picture taken at the meeting.

I will not mention any other names but Tony Porta (a true American Hero) because I do not want to miss anyone in the group photo and Tony is the one who got this rolling. Some others in the photo you may have seen on TV. I was going to say the others were regular people like me. Then I thought that would not be an accurate description. These are some of the finest people I have met since my days in the military. How I was numbered with them is still a mystery to me.

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