I met with Paul Mango on the 6th of July. It was the first meeting. There were only four of us at this meeting. Paul is running against Scott Wagner for the Republican Nomination for Governor of Pennsylvania. I’ve never met Scott Wagner but on the face of it, I believe Paul is the better choice. Paul is a West Point graduate and has a stellar business background outside politics. Paul impressed me as a sincerely devoted and committed individual.

We are familiar with the saying Duty, Honor, Country. When I met Paul I said I like the phrase Duty, Honor Commitment. Paul was quick to correct me and say “Country”. I explained that the word “commitment” came to my mind after reading about him, so I changed it.

The word commitment has been important to me. I believe commitment is important to us all. As a Republican and Veteran, I take things like God and Country for granted. I do not mean for granted in the sense we normally mean when we say for granted. I mean it is presumed. Can you imagine a Veteran and Republican who isn’t for Country?

The next step we all need to make is the step of commitment. Paul strikes me as a person who has a strong sense of commitment. We can have all the best qualities one would expect but if we are not 100% committed it is of little use.

My friend Joe Foust was the other veteran at our meeting. Joe is a West Point graduate like Paul. Joe also taught communications at West Point. He asked Paul a pointed question. Here is a paraphrase. As Governor you are going to making many decisions every day. What is the basis you will be using to make those difficult decisions? After Paul Mango gave his answer I wish I had a video camera on him the whole time. Paul gave an answer that was well thought out and sincere. He did not obfuscate like many politicians would.

When Paul answered he talked about his upbringing in the Church, his experience at West Point and the military in general. Paul also related how he uses a team and that team is comprised of very diverse views. He is a man that values hearing from all sides. Issues are seldom as simple as they may appear to the observer who does not have to take responsibility for the outcome. This is one of Donald Trump’s main strengths. He learned it in the business world. Paul has both top notch military and business experience. Paul is about teamwork and commitment.

Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. ~ Vince Lombardi

I believe Paul Mango is the best choice for Pennsylvania Governor. Visit Vets for Mango by clicking here.

Paul Mango

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