Today a friend emailed me a link to this article about Hillary’s interview with Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday. Here is his actual short email which was a follow up from a previous discussion:

On the other hand…here is this crap-head. “I didn’t do nuffin’.” Which is, of course, the problem, she didn’t do nuffin’ right and does not care.
This is why Trump has to F’ing grow up.

The referenced article points to Hillary blaming others. (I didn’t do nuffin,”) When you are Secretary of State you still have others you can blame. I’m sure she will try to blame some underling if she wins the Presidency. (cold shiver)

The last part of the email refers to Trump’s comments on the Khan family who appeared at the DNC Convention. The author of the article asks a good question:

Will Hillary’s condescending attack on the Benghazi heroes’ families be treated with the same media fury as Donald Trump’s criticism of the parents of Army Capt. Humayun Khan? Don’t hold your breath.

Hillary has been a politician most of her life. She knows how to blame others, obfuscate (meaning avoid answering directly and try to confuse the issue) and apply every trick in the political handbook. Anything but give a straight answer. God forbid she should actually take full responsibility. She is just like her husband Bill arguing over the meaning of the word “is”.

Trump, on the other hand is way to open for the political class. He fires out opinions just like you would get when talking to a friend, coworker or neighbor. Donald Trump does not act like the cameras are on and a legion of opponents are taking notes on every syllable he utters. Shocking to actually hear candid talk from someone running for the highest office in the land if you are politically correct. To me it is refreshing.

You all know the TV Commercial where a man and woman are on a date saying exactly what they are thinking? That is Trump. No need to ask him how he really feels. 

Which would you rather have as President, a liar or someone who has to step back a little from something said politically incorrect? 


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