Pictured above is Pop-Pop (me) and my biracial granddaughter. Keep that in mind as you read my thoughts. I love her with all my heart. I want to protect her like any grandparent. The number 1 thing I get concerned about is the dangerous rhetoric and ideas of the Democratic Party which has been taken over by the far Left.

I could not help but reflect on the accusations made against Donald Trump about “dangerous rhetoric.” The Left claims he incites some of the violence seen at Trump rallies. Trump simply wants order inside the rally areas he and his supporters have paid for. Wouldn’t that be your stance if you paid for a wedding hall and malcontents crashed your daughter’s wedding? What Hillary and other Democratic Politicians support is a violent hate group.

Think about it.

Fact: Black Lives Matter uses inflamatory speech and is a hate groupYou can easily search it.

Fact: Hillary Clinton and most Liberal / Democratic politicians support Black Lives Matter.

Fact: The shooter Micah Johnson was incited by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Fact: Black Lives Matter while saying they are peaceful commit all kinds of violent acts.

Logically speaking: Black Lives Matter is a violent hate group supported by Hillary and many other Democratic Politicians. 

Do you want to support Political Candidates who in turn support hate and violence? Do you want your children and grandchildren following Black Lives Matter or someone who promotes Make America Great Again?

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