The question below was submitted by Tom Dart of The Guardian

I’m writing a story that asks veterans about Donald Trump’s appeal, so I’d be very interested in your comments on why you back him and whether the recent row related to the Khan family has changed your opinion at all. Grateful for your thoughts.

Dear Tom,
There are many reasons I back Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton for President.
  • Donald Trump was the first Presidential candidate this election cycle to come out strongly in support of veterans.  Mr. Trump has raised millions for veterans and has a plan in writing.
  • Donald Trump displays the “rugged individualism” that makes America great. A quality that I came to admire during my 23 years of military service.
  • Donald Trump is a strong leader who seeks advice according to those who know him.
  • Donald Trump is supported and vouched for by others I respect. Among them are names like Newt Gingrich, Dr. Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Herman Cain, and others
  • Donald Trump has vowed to remove ISIS and protect the homeland from the risk of immigrant infiltrators that vowed harm to the citizens I was sworn to protect.
  • Donald Trump shows respect to our military community and clandestine services by not revealing battle plans to the enemy like others have; I respect him for it.
  • Donald Trump is for law and order as evidenced by  a strong stance on ‘legal immigration. Mr. Trump also respects the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice).
  • Donald Trump respects and supports my brothers and sisters in blue.
  • Donald Trump has been a successful businessman who has brought in many projects under budget and under time. I believe he can bring this type of leadership to Washington via a new tone of responsibility and streamlining. When he says he will fire certain people who do not perform I believe he will. Accountability and streamlining are keys to success.
  • Donald Trump has a history of working with others. In my opinion President Obama, Hillary Clinton and many from the left are dividers, not dealers. The left has a “my way or the highway” mentality not good for our great nation. I believe Donald Trump is the champion America needs at the helm.
  • Donald Trump supports the Second Amendment and is backed by the NRA, As one sworn to protect the Constitution of the United States veterans must support Donald Trump if they are to keep their oath.
  • Donald Trump supports fair trade rather than free trade. While not related to the military or law and order it does appeal to me as a citizen.
Has the recent media feeding frenzy over the Khan family changed my opinion?
  • I struggle to understand how so much media attention is given to Mr. Khan and virtually nothing given to Pat Smith and Charles Woods.
  • The Khan’s were not lied to by Donald Trump like Pat Smith and Charles Woods were by Hillary Clinton.
  • Hillary basically called Smith and Woods liars.
  • While Mr. and Mrs. Khan have suffered a tragedy, it does not make their political opinion any more or less important than Pat Smith or Charles Woods.
  • No, I still support Trump over Clinton.


The views expressed in this post are my own. I do not speak for the RNC, the Trump Campaign or all Veterans who support Donald Trump for President.

Best Regards,
Michael J. Kelly
MSgt USAF Retired Webmaster

Updated 6 Aug 2016


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