I was clicking through the new Zip App today. A question came up: Do you think it is ironic that we are running out of money under Social Security but we have money to spend on tens of thousands of Syrian refugees?

My answer was yes but ironic is not exactly the word I would use. More like disgusting. I would also add a series of other things besides Social Security and Syrian refugees.

The Democrats put special interests in front of national interests.

Hillary wants socialized medicine but she is not willing to cut out all the illegal immigrants to make room in the budget for socialized medicine.

Hillary says she wants to help inner city black youth and the poor. Yet she wants to let in people from foreign countries who will compete for those jobs.

Hillary says she wants to defeat ISIS. However, she is unwilling to commit to building a coalition of willing nations and ask them to help foot the bill. Hell, she can’t even name the enemy.

Hillary says she accepts the LGBT community but she takes millions of dollars from countries that would execute anyone in the LGBT community. Here’s  your link from Progressives Today (one of many).

Hillary rails against Wall Street but she has received more money from Wall Street than than Trump. 48 million to 19 thousand as of the end of July.

Bottom line: Trump will put America First and yes, that includes African Americans, so we can take better care of our own citizens. Then and only then can we extend our help to others. Only the strong can help those in need.

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