Some people have wanted me to comment on the Charlottesville incident. It should go without saying there is no place for racism of any kind in the Republican Party or America in general. Hopefully, that is clear enough for everyone concerned about how Vets for Trump feels about racism of any sort, black, brown, yellow or white.

I have only met two white men in my life that I would call racists. I’m nearly 60 and I have met a lot of people. I tried to find statistics on white supremacy groups in America. It is difficult since a search now turns up news and propaganda links at the top. This link suggests there are around 25,000 hardcore activists in America. It goes on to say there are around 200,000 that subscribe to the idea.

For argument’s sake let’s assume there are a half a million. That would more than double any reasonable estimate. In other words, if we assume a much larger number than is likely it is only 0.15625% of the population. The reality is likely less than half of that.

It is also worth noting to my friends on the left that Republicans have stood on the side of freeing the slaves, Civil Rights and the women’s rights movement by a higher percentage than our Democratic friends. It is also important to remember that a President is NOT a voting member of the House or Senate. It does not matter what political party controls the White House at the time a law is passed. Somehow we give Presidents too much credit when credit is not due in these matters.

One of my step-daughters was concerned that we are facing a huge divide over Nazi’s vs everyone else. While one death due to insane ideology is too much I do not fear a huge clash over this issue unless it is driven by the media and supported by emotional frenzy. We are one nation under God and we will sink or swim together.

On the off chance there is a racist reading this remember that we do not choose what circumstances we are born into. If you hate a person because of the color of their skin, that could have been you!

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