People often ask how I arrive at my conclusions about the innocence or guilt of Hillary Clinton related to all the lies and scandals. It is very simple.  Let me use an example that was once explained to me by an old friend Dr. Robert Morey.

The house across the street was sold and has been empty for a year. One day you see a car in the driveway but no person. The next day you see the car and the lights are on in the house but  you still see nobody. On day three  you see the flag on the mail box up and the next day you see the garbage cans are put out and then put away. This goes on for weeks but you still have seen nobody. You would be very foolish to believe nobody lives in the previously vacant house across the street.

How many times are you going to hear from the FBI, Judicial Watch and others that Hillary is living in a web of lies before you believe it? If you are going to hold Trump accountable for things he says aren’t you going to hold Hillary account for the things she has done?

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