Since 1988, two American colleges have completely dominated the executive branch of the United States. After Ronald Reagan (lowly Eureka College alum) left the stage, we have seen:

George H. W. Bush – Yale grad

Bill Clinton – Yale grad

George W. Bush – Yale grad

Barack Obama – Harvard grad

That’s an entire generation that has known nothing but Harvard-Yale control of our government. As Dr. Phil would ask: how’s that working out for you?

Well, the results speak for themselves.

Our elite leaders have now entrenched themselves into a self-serving, sneering, unresponsive establishment the likes of which we have not seen in our lifetimes. We now have unabashed arrogance, disdain, conceit, condescension and outright dismissal of the legitimate needs and wants of the average American living in long-overlooked “flyover country.” The middle class is suffering and frightened while our elected elites respond with callous indifference, if not outright ridicule and insults.

Our political class is as far removed from the lives of ordinary Americans as King George III was removed from the lives of the American colonists, far across the ocean.

We see absurd hypocrisy coupled with a complete lack of self-awareness: our leaders decry legitimate calls to build a long-promised border wall while they live comfortably in luxury homes protected by enormous walls.

They demand stricter gun control for those in the path of crime while standing safely surrounded by officers armed with guns.

Their smug motto seems to be: it’s fine for me, but not for thee!!!

Speaking of dynasties, are we seriously going to elect another Clinton, after the first one was impeached for lying? Bush – Clinton – Bush – Clinton? We may as well start designating our presidential line like kings: George I and George II and so on…

This election, the Democrats are pushing Hillary Clinton forward as though she represents something new and different, but she is the same old, same old. (And true to predictable Clinton form, the scandals, lying and word parsing has already begun. It’s not even necessary to link to the evidence, the examples are so plentiful, but let’s just say, “it all depends on what the meaning of ‘classified’ is…”)


With Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine we have the ultimate elitist establishment couple: a Yale grad + a Harvard grad. Does anyone really expect anything to improve with that same worn-out, ineffectual, disproven, self-serving and—frankly—snobby ideology in the White House?

The elitist Ivy in Washington is so overgrown, the American people can’t see through it, anymore. It’s time to get the pruning shears; this Poison Ivy has got to go!

With Donald Trump and Mike Pence, we have something different. We have graduates of the University of Pennsylvania and Indiana University. We have candidates who don’t have contempt for average working Americans in the heart of the country, but rather respect, appreciation, and shared, mutual concern. We also have American patriots, rather than globalists. We have a mega-job creator with the common touch and a former talk show host who speaks the language of the little guy.

Instead of another slick-talking lawyer, it’s time for a proven chief executive officer to assume the helm of the executive branch. Donald Trump knows how to get things done, and he is not beholden to any of the special interests or moneymen who are currently pulling the strings of the opposition.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are loathed and opposed by the Washington Establishment for good reason: they mean to put an end to the rigged system that has benefitted the elites for far too long, at the expense of the average citizen.

As Nigel Farage of Britain’s successful Brexit vote recently advised us, “Anything is possible if enough decent people are prepared to stand up against the establishment!”

If you think meek little Eureka College in Illinois educated a better 40th president of the United States than we’ve seen since, vote for something different than more Harvard-Yale rule this election.

Take control of your future BACK by voting Trump-Pence on November 8.

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