Across the United States, just 50% of veterans under age 25 are registered to vote, with less than 40% reporting voter participation.
This is simply not enough!
Veteran issues are national security issues; they affect all Americans. Who better to have their voices heard and counted in the upcoming election than those who have risked their lives to defend our nation and our freedom?
The 2016 election is absolutely critical, and in the battleground states, it is going to be extremelytight. Veteran votes could be enough to tip the balance in favor of a GOP platform that is strong on national defense, determined to provide our troops with the resources necessary to do their job, and committed to honoring our veterans by upholding our promises to them.
If veteran turnout is weak this November, we risk continued national decline and growing insecurity, as the world grows increasingly unstable and our emboldened enemies threaten our citizens and interests not just overseas but here in the homeland, as well.
We can’t let that happen.
With this is mind, on August 17 in Pittsburgh, PA, the Pennsylvania GOP unveiled their new PA Veterans Task Force. You can view videos of the event here. The purpose of the task force is to call upon prominent veterans to ensure a high veteran voter turnout statewide during the 2016 election and beyond.
The PA Veterans Task Force includes Former State Senator Bob Robbins, State Senator Guy Reschenthaler, County Councilman Sam DeMarco, Republican Party Chairman Rob Gleason, State Senator Ryan Aument, Former Allegheny County Republican Committee Chairman Jim Roddey, State Representative Rick Saccone and Sean Parnell, the author of Outlaw Platoon.
These Task Force Members are available to appear at events and to speak to veteran or other community organizations throughout the state, and will be working with the Republican National Committee to coordinate efforts to register more veterans and to get out the all-important veteran vote on November 8.
The Pennsylvania Veterans Task Force is a great model for other battleground states to adopt in order to mobilize veteran turnout and ensure a victory for freedom and national defense. To request a Task Force speaker, to get involved, or to learn more about how to launch a similar initiative in your state, contact Doug Lengenfelder at [email protected].
Time is short and your efforts are sorely needed. Reach out today.

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