Ever since Donald Trump started saying we need to get reimbursed for our war efforts voices from the Left and the Right started opposing him. Most of you are educated on the change in American policy towards penalizing countries after a war. In brief, after World War I Germany had to pay war reparations. The expense was so great that wheelbarrows full of money had to be used to buy a loaf of bread in Germany. You can read about the complexities of the Post WW I German economy here.

Many believed the policy of making a country pay war reparations is what caused the Second World War. The policy of demanding a defeated enemy pay for the cost of war is nothing new. Click here for a WikiPedia article on the subject. The article contains a brief history up to and including the First Gulf War.

As a veteran I see no issue with taking oil to pay for the upcoming war with ISIS. Not only should America be reimbursed, other participating Gulf states such as Jordan should also be reimbursed. If one argues that it is Iraq’s oil then one must ask how Iraq benefits from that oil being in ISIS hands now. If we take back the land for Iraq then they should reimburse participating countries for their blood and treasure lost. It is just that simple.

The same can be said for Syria. There will be the expense of feeding and defending “safe zones” inside Iraq and Syria for refugees. Jordan is already helping in this area and they are one of the poorest countries in the region.


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