OK, I don’t usually use that word but this is enough! As a matter of fact I’m starting a new category called “Bullshit” just for the Clinton – Kaine campaign.

Tim Kaine said Sunday that identifying government secrets is not always a simple matter.

Unless it is specifically pulled out and identified it is difficult to know sometimes if a statement or paragraph is classified. ~ Tim Kaine

If you are a Veteran with any level of experience with classified information you know everyone is trained that ALL information is considered classified when you have a question. It is simple. When in doubt assume information is classified. 

When I asked my kids about this they said that even they knew if there was any question consider it classified! They were never in the military!

Up until this point I thought ONLY Hillary Clinton was unfit to lead. This is Proof Positive that Kaine should not have access to classified information . 

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