The first major point I awarded was to Trump on releasing his taxes versus Hillary releasing her 33,000 deleted emails.

Hillary went into a litany of reasons why Trump has not released his taxes. Every time she said “Maybe….” hasn’t paid any Federal Taxes, not as charitable as people think, who knows what he is trying to hide, there is something he’s hiding and so on. All I could hear was my inner voice crying “what is he hiding should not be the question. What is she hiding in those 33,000 deleted emails is the serious question. Taxes versus corruption and Trump nailed her on it.

The real reason Trump has not released his taxes? His attorney advises him not to while he is under audit, period. No need to speculate any further. I would listen to my tax attorney, wouldn’t you?

Next thing was the “Birther” issue. It was brought up as a racial issue by both the moderator and Clinton. Let me ask a simple question. No matter what you think about why Trump brought it up, what does where you were born have to do with race? How is it racist to question what country someone was born in? Why wasn’t Trump considered a “racist” for questioning where Ted Cruz was born? PS he was born in Canada to an American mother which most agree made him able to run for President. However, I go back to the main point. Why is it racist to question what country someone is born in?

The third point I give Trump  was pointing out Hilary’s hypocrisy on things said about Obama during her run against Obama. However, you slice it Hilary said some very, very ugly things about Obama when she ran against him. Trump also brought up how the Clinton Campaign painted him with this picture of him in African garb. See the original article here from 2008.


The fourth point I will give Trump is when he called out Lester Holt on being for the war in Iraq. Trump said to ask Sean Hannity. Now, fact check with Sean and get rid of the crap on sites like

The fifth point I will give Trump was he was clear that he does not agree with Obama and would not use nuclear weapons for a first strike.He pointed out how our nuclear arsenal is aging while Russia is modernizing. At the same time he was quick to point out the deals Iran, North Korea and others have in trade allows them to go forward with nuclear weapons development. Nobody else is talking about that as clearly as Trump.

Of course, I know I’m a Trump supporter but what really matters is how the undecided voter sees it. We shall see in the next couple days.

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