Good news for us all. Donald Trump is up by 5 points in Ohio according to a new Bloomberg Poll. He is up by 5 points when polls are taken with and without third party candidates. Trump is also up over Clinton by 4 points in Florida.

What could be behind the sudden shift? Let’s consider the constant drip of Hillary’s scandals. As more is uncovered the worse it gets for Hillary. Not only was she deleting emails related to work (which she denied many times and the FBI says she lied about) she did it after receiving a Congressional Subpoena. Add to that the people involved in this plead the 5th.

“Pleading the Fifth” is a colloquial term for invoking the privilege that allows a witness to decline to answer questions where the answers might incriminate him, and generally without having to suffer a penalty for asserting the privilege. ~ Read More

It is becoming more apparent that if those around Clinton are pleading the 5th there must have been criminal activity. Why would anyone plead the 5th if they could not be found guilty of crimes.

We have not even begun to look into the “pay for play” that took place between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department.

Yes, I believe America is finally waking up to the absolute corruption of Hillary Clinton and this accounts for the shifting poll numbers.

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