So, I’m watching the news and they are playing a talk Obama was giving criticizing Donald Trump. Ironically Obama criticized Trump for being a “man of the people” and then setting standards on his golf courses.

That criticism struck me as total hypocrisy. Think about it. One of Obama’s nicknames has been Golfer in Chief. I tried to do a lookup on how many times Obama has been golfing. I found an interesting website that stopped documenting this in January of this year. As of January 2016 it was 270 times!

Being a webmaster I looked up who created the website using the Who Is directory and called the creator. He told me he stopped posting in January because it was getting harder and harder to find out when and where Obama had been golfing. Apparently the news stopped reporting on it. I would not doubt that the media realized how embarrassing it was. It reminds me of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

The sound track on the website starts with a series of statements by Obama starting with “I will not rest until…” and then goes on to various things that he never did. If Obama wants to criticize Donald Trump for setting standards on his golf courses maybe he should consider the standards used by the many golf courses he has played.

I know this is a small thing but it simply points out the complete and utter hypocrisy of the far left. While Americans died Obama went golfing and he has the gall to criticize the man who built the golf courses he loved to play on? Is Obama a “man of the people”? Trump is well known for talking to workers and showing appreciation for what they do. What in the world does setting standards for a golf course have to do with the ability to be a “man of the people?”

Donald Trump appreciates Veterans too. He realizes all the benefits he has experienced in life could not have become a reality without a free nation kept safe by the lives of many Veterans. This appreciation for Veterans was one of the very first things Donald Trump talked about. That was long before he won the Republican Primary.

On the other hand Hillary Clinton calls us a “basket of deplorables” because we support a “man of the people” rather than a typical politician.

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